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Rudder is a beloved member of the family and excellent hunting companion. Of small, compact build, Rudder fits comfortably for any boat or blind and is a valuable delightful addition to waterfowl, dove and upland hunting. Rudder is trained by Eddie Hicks of Jordan Valley Retrievers and shares that she's an exceptional retriever and a true talent to train.
Litter due June 25th. Deposits are now being accepted.

Litter Owner: Eddie Hicks                   
                        Jordan Valley Retrievers                          Dallas, TX 
                        Phone: (972) 979-8005


GRHRCH Daphne's Chocolate Thunder MH


Duke of Chocolate Thunder



Ms Murphy of Woodstock



Mackenzie's Fly By Knight



GRHRCH Gator Pt's Magnum Gentle Ben MH QAA



Gentle Ben's Jaida Noire JH



Four D's Molly of T


 Jordan Valleys Steel Rudder ("Rudder")




Flash of Magik



Whiskey Jake V



Chocolate Ockra Surprise



Mackenzie's Own Sweet Cream



B and R Old Yeller


Maggie Yellow Belle


Belle Starr Double Diamond


Previous Litters

Mattie and Tex offer Gator Point's many years of experience and expertise meshed into one amazing pedigree. Over 20 years of well analyzed pedigrees and performance records, Gator Point has carefully drawn the best of their lines together in this perfect marriage. Recognized and well known retriever sports history are this lineage. This litter is expected to carry all the intelligence, good looks, and talent that can be afforded tomorrow's chocolate retriever companion.

These puppies will absorb the characteristics of great success in any role they might fulfill. For the hunter: style, desire, drive, intensity and an absolute passion for "the game". For the home: companionship that knows no limits. A devoted and dedicated family member and tried and true friend to every member of the family.  Hunting and home companion; you'll know the versatility of a truly spectacular chocolate lab with this pairing.

Either amateur or professional training can bring out the best of this line as the level of desire to please is immeasurable.

Litter due in the Spring of 2008. Deposits are now being accepted.
Litter Owner: Gator Point Kennels
                        Website: gatorpointkennels.com                     
                        Tylertown, MS 
                        Phone: (601) 876-3647
                        eMail: GatorPtLab@aol.com


FC AFC Rippin Blue Thunder


NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star



FC AFC Belle's Star Emmy Lou



GRHRCH Cenac's Hot and Spicy Gumbo



CFC CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force



FC AFC Gator Point's Sweet Potato Pie



HRCH Gator Pt's Roc N Moon Pie


 Lee's Red Hot Mattie Rebel ("Mattie")




FC AFC Meadow Woods Dusty Roads



HRCH Gator Points Dirt Road Sport



HRCH Gator Points Georgia Brown SH



HRCH Gator Pt Ginger Spice



FC AFC Riverbend's BoJangles


Gator Point's Nutmeg JH


Gator Point's Maggie Noire

Madison is a wonderful family companion who hunts from waterfowl to upland birds. Her sire, NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star ("Rascal") is the first Chocolate Labrador to earn the National Field Championship title. Other Recognitions of "Rascal":
Finalist 1998 National Open
Qualified all age at 26 months
Open Placement at 32 Months in first Open attempted
Field Champion at 4 years 2 months
Amateur Win at Three years
Amateur Title achieved with Two Wins and Two Seconds
National Field Champion at Five Years
Seven healthy pups born on January 21, 2008

Litter Owner: Trey Morris
                        Santa Rosa Beach, FL


FC AFC Raider's Piper Cub


FC AFC Rippin' Blue Thunder



Thunder's Red River Rose



NFC AFC Storm's Ripide Star



FC AFC Kermit II



FC AFC Belle's Star Emmy Lou



Pursi's Belle Star


 Montana's Super Star Madison ("Madison")




Whiskey Pete



Jumpin Jack Splash IV



Jim Chocolate Kiss



Chelsea Southern Belle



Doc Bob's Ubu


Abygail Brook Morris


Oconee's Brook

Excellent and dedicated "improvement" to the breed shows and tells in Rice Land Chocolate Puddin Pie. A wonderfully friendly disposition and fun loving nature with a pedigree proving her ability and talent in the field. We expect the puppies to be true to the tradition of their ancestors in excelling even further to improve the breed.

10 healthy puppies born on January 20th.

Litter Owner: Wayne Todd


FC-AFC-CFC Triple Echo


FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Meadow Woods Dusty Roads



Rays Luscious Marg



HRCH Gator Pts Dirt Road Sport



FC Mueller's Stormy Canada



HRCH Gator Points Georgia Brown SH



HR Gator Point Chocolate Candy


 Rice Land Chocolate Puddin Pie ("Puddin")




FC AFC Rippin' Blue Thunder



NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star



FC AFC Belle's Star Emmy Lou



Gator Points Liza Jane



CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force


FC-AFC Gator Pts Sweet Potato Pie


HRCH Gator Pts ROC N Moon Pie


Roxy is 65lbs. of intense drive and hunting desire; an incredibly focused waterfowl retriever. A master of versatility, she is also the perfect companion at home with all ages of the members of her family. 5 years old and doing Senior level work, her focus at this time is preparing for the blind and pending hunt season. Well enriched in pedigree of proven talent and skill, we anticipate this breeding to produced fantastic hunters with the edge in any field game they play.

This healthy litter of 8 (6 males and 2 females) was born on November 23rd.

  Litter Owner: Al and Sheila Draper 


NAFC FC AFC River Oak's Rascal


FC AFC Canis Major's River Bear



Shamrock Acres Juego De Azar



FC AFC River Oak's Way-Da-Go Rocky



FC AFC Raider's Piper Cub



Timberlane Samantha



Timberlane Cinnamon


 Rockin Roxy of Live Wire JH ("Roxy")




Haverhill's Brown Blitzkrieg



FC AFC Barracuda Blue MH



Haverhill's Missy Blueblack



Marshland Misty Blue SH



Candlewood's Hi Rollin Hank SH  


Candlewood's Prunella Brown


Phillips Creme De Cocoa

NNeNewest Submissions of Tex/Chancy Pups:

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FC AFC Snake Eyes Double or Nothin


Haverhill's Brown Blitzkrieg



Haverhill's Jet Jennifer



FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH



FC AFC Rippen Blue Thunder



Haverhill's Missy Blueback



Haverhill's Cocoa Puff Lyon


 S and J's Taking Chances ("Chancy")




FC AFC Rippen Blue Thunder



NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star



FC AFC Belle's Star Emmy Lou



Mohogany's Runnin' Rascal MH



CFC CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force  


Mohagany's Double or Nothin MH


Hot Fudge Double or Nothin

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